Why Another Blog About Strategy?

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Why Another Blog About Strategy?

While searching for some information about business, I often found out there are many website and blogs that focuses on one particular topic-let’s say “sales”, without putting this topic into the big picture.

In the real business world, every aspects of a business is connected and almost interdependent. As an example, talking about marketing without translating this marketing efforts into sales is a waste of resources.

From designing a strategy down to sales tactics, this blog aims at helping you get a wide knowledge about real business advice to grow your company.

Why a business blog about Sales & Strategy?

Sales is often belittled as an activity that is anybody can do. The truth is, many companies are failing due to a lack of revenue, leaders and company owners will focus on everything except sales. They will invest into marketing (mainly advertising), digital products, applications, thinking that this will do the work. It won’t.

Sales is the oxygen of a company and the most important part of any business. You will need to focus all your attention on this, before thinking of investing time and money into some less important areas.

Strategy will help you to grow your sales and revenue in a much easier and faster way. According to Business Dictionary, strategy is “The art and science of planning and marshaling resources for their most efficient and effective use“, this plan will be put into actions in order to achieve a long-term goal. One of the key element here is “marshaling resources”, think about leverage.

Strategy is a vital topic for the survival of your company. Strategy is not static, you will change your strategy over time, with the change of economic environment, technology landscape and the evolution of your specific industry.

If you focus your efforts on both Sales and Strategy, your company is destined to have a much higher growth than the industry benchmark.

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